Introducing Doddamani Group

What is Doddamani Group?

Doddamani Group is an Indian conglomerate founded by Mr. Deepak Doddamani on 19th February 2018. It works in diversified sectors like Education, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship Management and Development, Business consultancy etc. through its various subsidiaries.

Philosophy of Doddamani Group

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन

You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action.

Vision of Doddamani Group

Our vision is to solve the most pressing problems of India by providing much-needed leadership, innovation, and strategies.

Mission of Doddamani Group

  1. To create and nurture entrepreneurs
  2. To spread financial literacy
  3. To solve the unemployment problem in India
  4. To help small businesses grow
  5. To solve major problems in Indian Education sector
  6. To create a Conglomerate every Indian feel proud of
  7. To work towards creating better India

Tagline of Doddamani Group

An Indian Conglomerate for Indian dreams

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